Saturday, January 26, 2008

Eat, Drink and Enjoy Florence

Florence has alway been a city full of enticements for travellers. Home to some of the most important art in the world; Florence is also the center of fashion, lifestyle and incredible food and wine. Designers, artisans and fabulous food markets make the city like a treasure hunt, waiting to be discovered.

When travelling in Italy, even my husband and I don't usually bother with guidebooks but
around mealtime, we just walk up to the local news stand and ask the vendor , "Dove si mangia bene e spende poco", where can we eat well, without spending too much?

It is not so easy if you don't speak Italian.

Edible Florence, my dining guide map, makes life easy for you. Since 1997,I have maintained a dining guide online in my website Divina Cucina listing the restaurants by neighborhood, with short reviews. Often I have found couples with my guide in hand at wine bars and trattoria's, but carrying around computer printout's gets cumbersome.

Now I have created a small printed guide, without the reviews, to easily carry around town.

As on the site, I have divided the city into 7 neighborhoods, each one with it's church or special monument to visit. Listed on the same page are places I recommend to eat, from humble wine bars, for a small snack with a glass of wine or a pizza by the slice joint to 3 star michelin restaurants and also place to shop. Great kitchen shops, ceramics or artisans are listed.

In each neighborhood, you will be able to stop, rest your feet and nourish your body. Relax and enjoy the Dolce Far Niente, just doing nothing, which makes a vacation, or your life, that much nicer!